The main advantage of our team is 15 years of solid wood manufacturing – a long-standing experience in wood finishing and constant improvement of the technology we use helped us to understand wood and its possibilities better, which led us to the production of high quality products. All kinds of wood, the ones specific for Europe, as well as American walnut and various African and exotic species, have passed through our production. Because of permanent production growth and in order to improve cooperation with our buyers, we decided to run design studio within our company. All of our products are made in limited series and each piece of furniture has its own unique number. We nourish the rustic design to show and, through every piece of furniture, preserve the warmth and beauty of the wood.







We were founded on March 19th 1999. as a “DIV company”. At the time our business included production and sales of lumber. Few years later we expanded our business by bying wood kilns and selling planed lumber and planks. The number of kilns significantly increased, and in 2004. we started producing furniture and floors. Since then, our products have been present in the world market – United Arab Emirates, Italy, Germany, South African Republic, Austria, etc. In 2009. our company entered into new business fields such as tourism, real estate, construction and financial affairs.